Contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art exhibition in the area around Espoon Keskus from 15 June to 4 September 2016

Espoo Kunsthalle presents OBJECT, a contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art exhibition in the area around Espoon Keskus from 15 June to 4 September 2016. The aim of the project is to open up dialogues with and between the local inhabitants and the rapidly changing social and cultural environment. The works chosen for the project are multi-faceted. They offer local people in the Espoon Keskus area different types of intellectual, emotional and social experiences as they confront the works in the urban environment. The artworks bring surprising and fun confrontations in the midst of everyday life.

The art works refer to the exhibition’s name and theme – OBJECT. An object can be a thing. It can provoke feelings. An object can be an aim or goal. Computer programmes are built with objects. Sculpture is often strongly associated with materiality and physical form, in other words a three dimensional object which takes space. The works chosen for the exhibition are temporarily situated and strongly conceptual. They strive to challenge traditional, canonised understandings of sculpture’s “objectness” and monumentality in public space.

The artworks and artists selected for OBJECT exhibition highlight the diversity of thinking within contemporary art practice, through shape, color, and form, as well as the relationship to the audience both in terms of critical thinking and social perspectives. The participating artists are widely exhibited both in Finland and internationally.

Petri Eskelinen /// Elina Hartzell /// Kaisu Koivisto /// Pirkko Kolu /// Steve Maher /// Fatmir Mustafa /// Riikka Mäkikoskela /// Egle Oddo /// Marek Pluciennik /// Hodhayfa Salih /// Oona Tikkaoja /// Miina Äkkijyrkkä /// Catalysti

Further information from Espoo Kunsthalle / Andy Best (050-5714013) & Merja Puustinen (045-1349307)

How to get there

Espoon Keskus is about 30 minutes ride from the centre of Helsinki, whether you come by train, bus or car. You can also use the excellent cycle path network, although it will take you a bit longer to arrive!

Buses 154 and 156 from Kamppi bus station (door 53)

More bus information here:

Local trains E, L, S, U stop at Espoon Keskus as well as intercity trains to/from Turku.

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Curators (Espoo Kunsthalle)

Andy Best
+358 50 571 4013

Merja Puustinen
+358 45 134 9307

Audience & Communications

Laura Kokkonen
+358 44 593 3249