Denise Ziegler

Denise Ziegler
Denise Ziegler (photo: Jukka Juhala)

Denise Ziegler is a artist and researcher of public space. She was born and grow up in Switzerland, lives and works in Helsinki Finland.

Denise Ziegler’s works are traces of gestures, of human activity, of something that has occurred. She reconstruct events that refer to inconspicuous human activity or everyday things like home plants or garden fences, transplanting them into a new context. This endows Ziegler’s works not only with poetic, but also conflicting and sometimes even comical or tautological features. Ziegler often works in and for public space.

Walking Side-by-Side

Denize Ziegler: Walking Side-by-Side
Denize Ziegler: Walking Side-by-Side (part of the artwork in the artist’s garden waiting to be moved to Espoon keskus)


The artwork is a narrow, wooden bridge-like construction following the sand road (Kirkkojärvenreitti) next to the riverbed.

The artwork makes it possible to walk for a short distance beside the road. Or, a person walking on the side of the road and a person walking along the work could walk side-by-side and hand in hand.

The work is based on an upcoming revision of the traffic law which obligates the pedestrians to use the hard shoulder. According to the suggested new law this would still not disallow couples to walk hand in hand.