OBJEKTI is an outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art in and around Espoon keskus. The exhibition is curated and produced by Espoo Kunsthalle.

The fourth edition of OBJEKTI runs from June 14th to September 2nd 2018, with special events on Espoo Day at the end of August.

Espoon keskus

Espoon keskus is historically and socially important. The area includes the medieval Espoo Cathedral which dates back to the 15th century, as well as the city’s bureaucratic heart represented by 1970’s concrete brutalist architecture. Recently Espoo politicians have voted to demolish the long-deserted, some would say ugly, city hall to make way for more housing. There is a lot of lower income rental housing in the area, both private and publically owned, with a higher than average immigrant population, which is also reflected in the retail provision with a number of ethnic food stores spread throughout the centre.

Currently there is an effort to revitalise the area, with a lot of new construction work being carried out. The new Entresse shopping centre, together with the renovated Espoontori, have energised the whole area. Particularly Entresse library acts as an inspiring social hub, with activities for all ages as well as special spaces for young people to hang out. Espoo’s IKEA is close by, across the area known as Kirkkojärvi, which itself may soon undergo change – back to being a lake again, if the city’s latest proposal is accepted.

Surprise and Delight

The aim of OBJECT is to bring surprise and delight to local inhabitants. By installing sculptures and installations into the everyday surroundings, it is hoped ordinary people will be provoked and challenged to look at their local neighbourhoods with fresh eyes. Surprising juxtapositions, new materials, shapes and forms placed into the city and suburban landscape can help to trigger positive emotions and open thoughts and eyes to new horizons.

Art works reflect the title and theme of the exhibition – OBJECT. An object can be a thing, it can also be something that triggers emotion, or it can be a goal or aim we strive towards. In computer programming language an object is a data structure. Sculpture, of all the arts, is associated with physical presence, with being “a thing” in space. We have particularly looked for art works that challenge the notion of “objectivity” in public space.