Kalevi Helvetti

Kalevi Helvetti
Kalevi Helvetti

Pertti Kurikka (b. 1956) works as an artist under the pseudonym Kalevi Helvetti. Kalevi’s drawings are straightforward punk – medieval imagery tells us stories of the earthly sins and warns us on the horrors of the hereafter. Kalevi Helvetti reminds us of our mortality, as Pertti Kurikka keeps smiling just behind the corner.

We can’t be sure if the carnival of rats, boils ja skulls is humour or images of the artist’s inner world. Interpretations vary, as always when it comes to good art.

As a musician, Pertti Kurikka likes all genres from punk to hymns. Kalevi Helvetti is strict, only the most dreadful is good enough for him.

Kurikka has always been interested in drawing and horror stories. His alter ego Kalevi Helvetti was born in 2011 in the form of a spoken word C-cassette.

Kalevi Helvetti is a musician, performer, poet, writer and artist. In 2014 his writings and drawings were published as a book by a Mexican publisher. In 2016, he was selected to the programme of Mänttä Art Festival. Kettuki Association nominated Pertti Kurikka as the Kettuki Artist of the Year in 2019.


Kalevi Helvetti's drawings at OBKJEKTI 5.0 Popup Gallery
Kalevi Helvetti’s drawings at OBKJEKTI 5.0 Popup Gallery