Free Art Course for Children Aged 7-11

Add your own sculpture to the exhibition!

When: 31 Jul – 2 Aug 2018
Where: Entresse Library’s Jukeboksi, Siltakatu 11, Espoo

During the Sculpture Park workshop we will get to know the works in the OBJEKTI exhibition in the Espoon keskus area, and make our own small sculptures that will be placed together outside. Everyone’s works will be added to the sculpture park, and we will have a party opening together at the end! The aim of the workshop is having fun together in a playful way!

The workshop is on three days: Tue 31.7. – Thu 2.8.2018
Join either the morning or the afternoon group:
Group 1: at 10:00-11.30
Group 2: at 12:00-13.30

Everyone participating should come on all three days!
Teaching is in Finnish and English.
The course is free!
Workshop leaders: Verna Kuntsi and Satu Sipilä

Workshop organised by Espoo Kunsthalle for OBJEKTI 4, with support from KulttuuriEspoo.

Sign up before 27.7. by email to:


Mechanics Of Conformity (MOC) – Event

Event in the form of a conversational piece

When: 15th June and 17th August 2018 at 17:30-20:30
Where: Trapesa, Kirkkojärventie 1, 02770 Espoo (at Espoo train station, Station bridge, 2nd floor)

Mechanics of Conformity (MOC) Part II is a collaboration between Catalysti artists and OBJEKTI. Within this collaboration, four women explore concepts of identity, relationships, perceptions, liberation and otherness through hair.

Catalysti artists who have shaped MOC collective are Rosamaría Bolom, Edwina Goldstone, Sepideh Rahaa and Arlene Tucker. MOC collective has been created around the subject of hair and from early 2017.

Ask a woman about her hair, and she just might tell you the story of her life. Ask a whole bunch of women about their hair, and you could get a history of the world.

How do they look at us?
How do we look at ourselves?
How do others look at each other?



Roi Vaara’s Performance Grounding in Espoon keskus on 25.8.

Roi Vaara: Grounding
On a bridge over the Danube between Hungary and Slovakia, and in pedestrian area of Stúrovo, Roi Vaara’s Grounding performance took about an hour and a half. Then the guitar came to an end. (Photo: Evamaria Schaller)

Roi Vaara’s performance Grounding is a composition for electric guitar. The performance will take place in Espoon keskus on Espoo Day, Saturday 25th August.

Roi Vaara (b. 1953, Moss, Norway) is an internationally acclaimed pioneer in performance art in Finland. In his work, he combines different ways of artistic expression into site and situation specific live performances. His critical point of view is not to attract public sensation but to challenge the way we are looking at things.

Roi Vaara has done performances since 1979 and performed over 500 times in almost 50 countries worldwide. Since 1988 he has been active in an influential performance artists collective Black Market International (BMI) whose mode of operation is free and open exchange of ideas.

Vaara received a state award from the Arts Council of Finland in 2000 and the Ars Fennica prize in 2005. He was awarded with Pro Finlandia honorary medal in 2010.


Past Events


Welcome to the opening!

Thurs 14 June 2018 at 2pm-4pm
Lagstad hembygdsgård, Vanha Lagstadintie 4, 02770 Espoo

Cultural Director at the City of Espoo Susanna Tommila will open the exhibition at 2 pm

Heini Aho // Art & Process // Bartaku // Ramina Habibollah // Parsa Kamehkhosh // Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna // Petri Kuljuntausta // Maria Mastola // Mechanics of Conformity // Tuula Närhinen // Tiina Raitanen // Satu-Minna Suorajärvi

Andy Best, Espoo Kunsthalle


Art Workshop for Children Aged 9-13

Art Workshop for Children
When: Mon-Wed, 11-13 June 2018 at 10-14
Where: International living room Trapesa, Kirkkojärventie 1, 02770 Espoo (at Espoo train station, Station bridge, 2nd floor)
Instructors: Artists Arlene Tucker & Edwina Goldstone
Languages: English and Finnish
Group size: 5-10 persons

The workshop is free of charge. Please bring your own lunch!

We have hair. Hair is natural. Hair is everywhere. In this three day workshop we will explore different ways to make art using hair. These various art forms will help the artist make a final piece. For example, two-dimensional arts, aspects of stop motion animation, sculpture, and paper arts. This workshop is for young artists who enjoy exploring different artistic mediums and ways of self-expression. Welcome!