Ylva Holländer & Nelli Nio

Ylva Holländer ( b. 1955) is a Finnish artist based in Porvoo, Finland. Her works are often characterized by humor and playfulness, yet always with undertones of more serious existential concerns. She open-mindedly experiments with different materials. She has had several private exhibitions, most recent one in Gallery Forum Box in spring 2019. Galleria Katu in the old town of Porvoo is one of her many projects. Holländer has made public artworks in collaboration with sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen. She also makes short films with scenographer Marjaana Rantama, together they form an artist collective called SIKT. Holländer studied at the School of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts during 1974-1979.

instagram: sikt.art, ylvahollander

Nelli Nio is a Finnish artist based in Porvoo. She mainly paints with watercolor, but she also works with installations ans sculptures made of recycled material. In her paintings, she deals with her relationship with nature. Nio gratuated from Tampere School of Art and Media in 1998, and she has accomplished the pedagogical studies for teachers of art in Lahti Institute of Design. This summer Nio’s works can also be seen at Strömfors iron works during 6 Aug -8 Sep 2019.

instagram: nelli nio

Jardin fou

Ylva Holländer & Nelli Nio: Jardin fou
Ylva Holländer & Nelli Nio: Jardin fou

Jardin fou is the fourth public artwork by Ylva Holländer and Nelli Nio. It was manufactured for OBJEKTI 5.0 exhibition. Holländer’s and Nio’s artworks consist of broken plastic objects, toys bought or received as donations from flea markets, used objects and artificial flowers. By using these abandoned and useless articles, colourful and joyful artworks are created. But behind the bright colours and jubilant forms we can see sad disposability of things.